Illinois Examination Program
Managing Broker Examination

If testing under the 45-hour Illinois Managing Broker category, you must have an active Illinois Broker License at the time you apply before you can be licensed as a Managing Broker. If you have not already done so, you **must** register as a student on the PSI/AMP Student Portal prior to your course completion(s). Your course completion information must be received electronically from your school on to your PSI/AMP Student Portal account to complete your eligibility for the examination registration process. To register as a student on the PSI/AMP Student Portal, click 'Student User'.
If this has been completed and you have received your eligibility confirmation email, you may proceed with registering for your licensing exam at: If you have any questions or concerns you may also contact our candidate support using the number listed below.

The Uniform Real Estate Transcript is valid for TWO YEARS following completion of the course. Two years is determined based upon the graduation date of the last completed course.
As of October 15, 2021 - all Illinois Real Estate candidates must schedule at

Candidate Support Center Information

(855) 340-3893

Additional Information

Effective August 2019 IL DFPR will not be issuing any extensions on eligibilities

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